The King & Queen of Vine, Marlo Meekins & WhoisMaxwell

Vine is the newest iPhone (so far) social network. With celebs and plebs alike signing up in their thousands, Vine gives you six seconds to make a masterpiece. There are lots of talented artists and musicians on it too, and my favourite Famous Viners are definitely the ones who play for laughs.

Marlo Meekins Vine is a beautifully insane world of characters like nerdy Rose, who seems to have trouble with tubes, Marlo's pet dogs and she herself being bloody hilarious. I dare you to watch her feed and not fall in love with her.


I won Marlo's little competition to have a personalised Vine made. You'll know it when you scroll through and see it. You might have nightmares though.

Marlo is an artist by trade and her style oxymoronically mashes up the really feminine with crude bodily functions & grim jokes. She has an online store too, so if you can't access her Vine, please do check out her wares. 


'Mister Vine' has to be WhoisMaxwell, Max Burlingame. I don't know quite as much about this character, except that he is a budding cartoonist & it's never safe to watch his new Vines around your five year old!

Max is funny, self-depreciating and wonderfully weird. He seems to have disappeared from Vine this week, but hopefully if you add him, he will be back soon. 

Max drew me about a month ago, in his super creepy John Kricfalusi style.


So who do you like on Vine? You can also find me being an idiot on there.

Rudedoodle by WhoisMaxwell

Rudedoodle by WhoisMaxwell