Gym Bunnies- Here's a review of Multipower Fit Protein Lite, But Before You Faint from Shock, it's my Husband Doing the Review, I'm Terribly Unfit!

Two months ago we were sent a supply of Multipower UK protein shakes from their HQ. My husband is a gym addict, and usually takes a powdered, make-up-yourself protein shake after a work out. It helps you to lose fat, not muscle and repair your tired body. He was the ideal person to try out Multipower Fit Protein Lite ready made up shakes. Over the past two months he's been using them instead of his regular protein, here is his review, take it away Michael.

Normally it's my wife doing the reviews on here but given that she isn't of the gym going variety and I am, she passed this along to me to review.

Free protein?! I'm in.

I had readymade shakes before from the vending machine at the gym and while I'm sure they offer the nutrition required after another beast like work out, they taste pretty horrible. I don’t know who thinks that’s what strawberries taste like but I think they’ve been eating them from a bin.

I'm happy to report that this is not the case with Fit Protein Lite. Taste and texture are great, so as well as offering the required nutrition to ensure you get your gains you also get something that doesn’t seem like it's made out of gravel. I also liked the handy size, rather than having to bring your shaker and then maybe another tub of protein powder, you just grab a few bottles and dispose of them when you're done. I was given the recovery shake which packs 40g of high quality milk protein per bottle. 14g of carbs and 228 calories. All this ensures you get everything you need to get the full benefit from you work out - Michael Smyth.

This is my husband. Haven't done too badly for myself, have I? ;-)

This is my husband. Haven't done too badly for myself, have I? ;-)