The Jar of Dreams. Has the World Slept Well in the Past 24 Hours?

The Jar of Dreams is a nifty little web-app which monitors the temperature of the world's dream experience. It collects data from Twitter when dreams are mentioned, and weighs up what percentage have had happy dreams, and how many people have woken up on the wrong side of the bed that morning.

Designed by Time4Sleep, the Jar of Dreams makes for addictive clicking, and noshing into other people's dream states.

The Jar of Dreams is a complex piece using both front-end and server-side technology to produce the finished piece. A harvester script checks Twitter for tweets about dreams, both negative and positive, and stores them. A separate script builds this data into an easily-accessible JSON file.
The front-end work grabs these daily sets of Tweets, works out the percentage of good and bad Tweets, draws up the treemaps and puts the Tweets on the screen. It’s a fairly Javascript-heavy piece, but uses CSS animations where possible to reduce load and render times.

Why not give it a go?