Transform Your Family Tablet into a Learning Device packed with Fun- The App Pen

At this time of year we are bombarded with adverts for kids' versions of tablets and handheld learning devices. I won't name brands, but you know the ones I mean. Basic colour graphics, chunky, and priced around £80. On top of this the cartridges with extra stories & games come in at an extra £34 a pop!  

When my son was starting to get interested in my iPhone and colouring games on it, pre-Christmas last year, I briefly considered one of the devices. I ended up picking up an iPod touch 4, which is basically an iPhone 4 without 3G, on eBay for around £75 instead. 

Why? Because unlike the kid-specific handheld devices, the iPod touch will grow with him. He not only can ask me to download free games once he's tired of the last lot, but he can use it as a camera, video recorder, play his music, watch live tv. There are no batteries to change and fork out for. It just makes more sense than the child-specific tablets.

Of course you have to be tech savvy enough to set up blocking features for age appropriate material disable in-app purchases etc. but there are a wealth of kids' apps to download which means your child doesn't even have to go on the actual internet browser to have fun. 


Number and letter apps can help your child learn through play, and stay one step ahead of their school peers. Of course we don't write with our fingers, and that's where the App Pen comes in. At only £14.99 it turns your existing ipad or tablet into a kid-friendly learning device. Pre-school children can learn while having fun, drawing, tracing mazes and copying letter structure.  

There is a specific App Pen store with the free app that compliments the pen. My son loves playing with it.